Rubbish Friends began in March 2017 with the idea of bringing a dozen or so local residents together to litter pick in Stratford on a regular basis

We had no idea that the local businesses, organisations, schools, colleges and residents would embrace the idea so wholeheartedly, not only by donating equipment, but also by volunteering with us.

We now have well over 1600 members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities who come together and have fun looking after our beautiful town.

We have attracted interest from all over the country and have helped groups to get going nationwide.

Every Rubbish Friend is a volunteer

We give awareness talks to a diverse range of groups, explaining the negative impacts of littering

We run campaigns that help protect the environment, e.g. Press Pause on Plastic Straws, Shopping Trolley Campaign and Reverse Vending Machine Awareness Day

We are creating an exciting, long term environmental project, based at Thomas Jolyffe School, which has been created in partnership with many local organisations and is for the benefit of the whole community. It is designed to give our community and understanding and love of their environment

Along the way we have come to realise that being a member of Rubbish Friends helps to reduce social isolation and loneliness and is a proven path to wellbeing

We are excited to be bringing the whole community together in friendship and fun for the benefit of our beautiful town, its residents, its visitors and its wildlife